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Historical Restoration

Historic Building Restoration Toronto


Historical restoration of old stone and brick buildings is so diverse. It takes an extensive amount of knowledge and understanding about the way buildings were built during different times in history, and how they can be modernized in such a way that they are structurally sound, look fresh, but also keep the historical charm that the original architecture provided.

In order to preserve and maintain the original aesthetics of the building, it is imperative that the only methods, techniques and materials used are the same as what was used when the building was constructed.


Brick Restoration Done Right in Toronto & GTA

It takes an extensive knowledge of history, art, architecture, and building materials to execute a historic building restoration project properly. Hiring a mason who doesn’t appreciate and understand the beauty and value of a historic building and the stories it holds could be detrimental to your heritage home or building. In fact, it could even speed up the deterioration process. There are many building restoration companies in Toronto and the GTA, but none are as passionate about preserving our rich Canadian architecture than us at Mace Masonry.

If you have a building restoration project that needs the touch of an experienced and professional mason, then contact us today! We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your historic building restoration project!

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Structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar.

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