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Retaining Walls

Sometimes a landscaping block isn’t the right way to go when it comes to retaining walls. If your retaining wall is over 5ft high or is retaining a large amount of earth it’s best to go with a well constructed block wall.

It’s very similar to the way houses are built, it requires a dig depth of 4ft minimum so the frost can not lift and attack the footings. Footings of 8” thick would then be poured with rebar at the correct spacing, this will tie the new block wall to the footings.

A good thickness block should be used like a 12”. Once at desired height, the webs of the blocks can be filled with concrete to give more strength to the wall, in cases where the retaining wall is really large then long pillars can be added at intervals to give yet more support. Contact us if your planning a retaining wall.


Structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar.

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