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Foundation Walls

Foundation walls are built in many variations & always specified by architects and engineers; it’s imperative for the structural integrity of your addition or new build that these specifications are perfectly met. Mace masonry works to these exactly so you will never have any problems down the line.

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Foundation wall is typically built from the block but can also be built from concrete. When choosing your masons, it’s very important they are highly skilled, it’s a must they are educated on reading and following blueprints to maintain the correct size but most importantly keeping to the correct height; the slightest mistake on height can result in a largely increased cost when it comes to framing.

It’s also very important for the structural integrity of the new home that all building codes are met. We not only adhere to them but we go above & beyond the code requirements. When it comes to anchors in the foundation and where the new addition meets the house, we always install more than required, along with a block lock system (even if not specified by an engineer), it takes only a couple of minutes to install but adds massive amounts of strength to the structure.



Structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar.

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