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Brick Repair

Brick Repair Toronto

Before making the decision to fully replace your bricks, consider brick repair as an alternative. Brick repair and restoration requires extensive knowledge and understanding to get the aesthetically pleasing solutions that you are looking for. Our experienced team consists of seasoned professionals who have refined, tested, and perfected industry practices which ensure that we are able to execute to the highest standards with all of our masonry work.

Brick repair is commonly the better solution compared to brick replacement considering it’s often hard to perfectly align brick sizing. Meticulously mixing the correct colour with mortar to mimic the existing brick is how we are able to produce such picture-perfect results with our brick repair services. If you’re looking for a brick repair company in Toronto that has the experience and attention to detail to provide you with the best results for your home, then look no further and get in touch with our Mace Masonry team today.

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Early Signs of Deterioration

If there is water running down the brickwork, this may come from something as simple as an eavestrough leaking or an inadequate slope on landscaping causing water to run back towards the house. Whatever the cause, try to address it quickly; this will prevent any further deterioration. Our brick repair experts are easily able to determine the condition of the brick structures of your home, and can develop a plan to properly repair or restore it accordingly. The type of brick, the style of brick, and the age of the brick are all important aspects when evaluating what shape your brickwork is in.

Another sign that you might need brick repair and that your brickwork may be deteriorating is having efflorescence or white residue forming on the surface of the brickwork. This happens when water that has collected salts and minerals (commonly from roofs & eavestroughs), runs down the masonry. Once you see this appear, it’s best to have it removed quickly & professionally to prevent further deterioration.

If the above two signs were not dealt with, then the salts will have had the time to build up and eat away at the clay brick surface which will cause the brick to start to spall. Once it’s wet from rain, it spreads into surrounding bricks; once this happens a brick repair, restoration, or brick replacement is required.


Preventive Measures

What are some things that you can do to avoid constant brick repair? Getting it done right the first time to ensure maximum longevity. By fixing all leaking downspouts and landscaping which may be running towards the house, you can reduce the amount of water and salts that gets into the bricks in order to minimize the deterioration process. Also, as mentioned above, as soon as you see salts (efflorescence) forming on the brickwork, have it removed immediately.

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Need Brick Repair Services In Toronto?

From brick foundation repair to a brick chimney repair, our team at Mace Masonry has the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to tackle any of your brick repair projects. We believe that the best brick repair projects are the ones that are barely noticeable, and with that philosophy in mind, we make sure to match colours, size, and textures to create a perfect finish. Contact us today and we can provide you with a free evaluation and a reliable quote for your Toronto brick repair project.

Structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar.

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