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Brick Replacement

Brick Replacement

Brick replacement is an art form that brings deteriorated masonry and/or structures back to their former glory. By selecting the best matching bricks and using the correct mortar, the replacement of bricks should be without flaws.

It is very important to see the signs of deterioration before they become a bigger problem; here is a few things to look out for:


Main Causes


Leaking eavestrough/ roof

One of The major factors for the deterioration of masonry structures is water; not clean pure rainwater but the water that has sat and collected salts and minerals, then deposited onto the masonry. Most commonly, a leaking eavestrough. The salts get left behind and form efflorescence (shown as a white powder on the surface); this eats the bricks clay surface and causes spalling.

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Poor workmanship

Another factor is improper repair; this can be caused by the use of incorrect mortar. This can cause brick faces to again spall and fall off.


Movement within structure

Expansion or settlement/movement can be a factor of brick cracking. if you have any concerns about cracking call us to take a look.

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How to fix damaged bricks?


Remove old/damaged brick

This was and still is traditionally done with a hammer and chisel, but there are many tools that can help with this process. Once the damaged bricks have been removed, along with all debris.  Our brick restoration services would include the removal, matching and replacement of bricks and mortar joints.



A major part of the restoration process involves some kind of cleaning process to remove dirt and/or efflorescence. Never use or be sold on a chemical clean; this only damages masonry structures further. Our cleaning process provides a high standard with a minimal impact approach.


Installing new mortar and brick

Now that everything is clean, new mortar can be made to match the existing strength and color. It is vital for the looks and structural integrity of the restoration. Too strong and the bricks can crack under the pressure, too weak and it could cure incorrectly.


Tooling mortar joints

After installing the bricks, a tool is used to strike the joint creating a desired look.


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Structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar.

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