Brick replacement and Restoration Toronto - Mace Masonry


This is an art form that brings deteriorated masonry and/or structures back to their former glory.

The major factor relating to the reasons for deterioration of a masonry structure is water; not clean pure rain water but water that has sat and collected salts and minerals, then deposited onto the masonry. Most commonly, a leaking eavestrough. The salts get left behind and form efflorescence (shown as a white powder on the surface); this eats the bricks surface and causes spalling.

Our brick restoration services would include the removal, matching and replacement of bricks and mortar joints. A major part of the restoration process involves some kind of cleaning process to remove dirt and/or efflorescence. Never use or be sold on a chemical clean; this only damages masonry structures further. Our cleaning process provides a high standard with a minimal impact approach.


Structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar.

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