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Window/Door Resize

Window/Door Resize


Do you need City permits?

When planning any renovations or modification to your property, make sure you have all the recent and correct information from your city or planning office. While it is not always necessary to get city permits to install a new door or window, in a lot of cases it can be. For example, if your property has any historical significance.


New masonry opening

When it comes to any masonry opening resizes, it is vital to ensure the dimensions are to the correct mm; too big & you end up with an ugly large caulking joint, and too small and well it won’t fit!

If the above is the case, this would pose a problem for the installation of the door or windows. Because to change at short notice, it does not allow the correct amount of time to cure the masonry; only true professional is capable of executing it properly especially with large openings that require specialist support.



The next thing to consider is aesthetics; of course, at the end of your project you want it to look like it’s been there for the entire time your house was built, this takes an artist to execute correctly.


How long does this type of project take?

It all depends on how large the masonry opening is required to be. For a typical door or 6 ft x 6ft window, you can expect the project to take 1 to 2 days each. It’s important to ensure the new window isn’t installed until the mortar has fully cured; at least one week after building.


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Structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar.

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