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When people are planning to replace doors or windows in an old brick home, they often feel limited in their choices because of the size of the masonry opening. That doesn’t mean that they have to abandon their vision for the perfect sized windows and doors. It just means they need the help of an experienced mason who can change the size of the opening to perfectly fit the windows and doors that they want. Mace Masonry provides professional, high-quality window & door resizing services for brick buildings throughout Toronto and the GTA.


Do You Need a Building Permit for Window & Door Resizing?

When planning any renovations or modification to your property, it is absolutely critical to make sure you have all the latest and correct information from your city or town’s planning office. Keeping up to date on these regulations and what applies to your specific project will help you to avoid legal issues after starting with your window or door resizing project. It is not always necessary to get city permits to install a new door or window. However, there are many cases where you will require a permit to move forward with the project. One of the most common examples of this in Toronto and the GTA is if your home has any historical significance. Regardless of the reason, it’s always best to determine whether you need a permit before starting any renovation projects on your home.


New Masonry Openings & Resizes Need Exact Precision

When it comes to resizing any kind of masonry opening, or even creating a new one in an existing masonry structure, it is vital to ensure the dimensions are correct down to the exact millimeter. If the new opening is too big, then you will end up with a large and ugly caulking joint between the brick masonry and the window or door. If the opening is too small, then you can probably guess that whatever is meant to go in the opening won’t fit!

If either the above becomes the case in your project, then you would have a significant and costly problem for the installation of the door or windows. If the size of the masonry opening is changed on short notice, then the masonry won’t have the correct amount of time to cure and achieve optimal strength. This means that either the installation of the new doors or windows will be delayed, or you will run the risk of sacrificing the structural integrity of the masonry if you don’t wait. This can lead to needing brick replacement services sooner rather than later, which could have been avoided.

Only a true professional mason is capable of executing this type of job properly the first time, especially with large openings that require the support of a specialist. Trust Mace Masonry to get the job done right so you can avoid potential issues in the future that end up costing you more to fix.



The next thing to consider when hiring a mason to resize your door or window openings is aesthetics. Of course, at the end of your project you want the windows and doors to look like they’ve been there ever since the house was built. This takes an artisan mason to execute correctly. The mason needs to have a deep understanding of the history of masonry and architecture to know what kinds of brick and mortar was used at the time the home was constructed. Then the mason needs to be able to properly match the new brick and mortar to the existing masonry to create a seamless appearance.


How Long Does A Window or Door Resizing Project Take?

The amount of time it takes to complete a project like this all depends on a couple of factors. The first factor is how large the new masonry opening is required to be. The second factor is the number of masonry openings you want to have resized. For a typical door or 6ft x 6ft window, you can expect the project to take 1 to 2 days for each opening. While planning your project, be sure to keep in mind that it’s important to ensure the new window isn’t installed until the mortar has fully cured. This means waiting at least one week after we’ve completed our work.


Trust Mace Masonry For Your Door & Window Resizing Needs

Mace Masonry brings over 15 years of experience providing expert masonry work in Toronto and the GTA. We are passionate about providing the highest standard of quality in every job that we do. When you hire us, you hire a masonry contractor that will get the job done the right way. When people walk by and look at your windows and doors, they will never be able to guess that they were a different size in the past. If you are planning to replace the windows or doors in your home and need to resize the masonry openings to fit the fixtures that you want, then contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate!

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