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Chimney Repair

How do you decide if it’s a repair on your chimney that is required or a complete rebuild?

It takes an expert to know who will carry out a closer inspection. A few obvious signs that you need a rebuild would be: if there is visible cracking in the chimney, or a significant amount of mortar missing between the joints; theses would be good indicators. Now, for example, if there is minimal mortar loss or a loose cap then it’s important to get this fixed fast as it will lead to further deterioration and would likely end up need rebuilding, costing you a lot more.

Most damage is caused from cap failure; once the cap becomes dislodge it makes it very easy for water to penetrate into the inside chamber. That combination & frost thaw will destroy a chimney in no time. So if you have any concerns your chimney may need attention, call us because peace of mind won’t cost you anything!

We build all our chimneys to the building code standard and can always add in some intricate details (because we love what we do!). It’s vital that when choosing your masonry company they know and adhere to Canadian building code. Because failure in doing so, can result in the chimney not venting correctly or the life span significantly compromised.

Below there are two chimneys; one following Canadian code & the other is not. It astonishes us that there are so many chimneys being built that don’t follow these simple codes. Choose the right masons!


Structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar.

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