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Basement Underpinning Toronto

Underpinning is a practice that is formed to lower a structure or implemented when subsidence or movement on said structure has occurred. Pins are set out in accordance with a plan drawn by a qualified engineer.

What is Underpinning?

Safety first! That’s the first thing that anyone should be thinking before any underpinning can take place. You may think it’s as simple as digging a hole and installing some concrete; you would be right it is that simple if everything goes according to plan that is!

Unfortunately, it’s never all plain sailing and problems and obstacles come up a long the way. So when they do, not being able to adapt, adjust and solve these problems quickly is where the average contractor fails; costing you more time, money but worse unnecessary stress. Only hire masonry experts for your underpinning project!

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How does the underpinning process work?

You should weigh up all your options and arm yourself with as much information as possible. Right now, renovating and underpinning a basement in Toronto is a great investment! Once your mind is made up, plans can then be drawn and submitted to the city for approval.

Next, get some quotes from masonry experts; take all quotes and review thoroughly – this is the most important step, take your time and get to know/quiz your Contractors, because the more questions you ask now, during the planning stages, the less stress and problems you have down the line. It may just help with your eliminating process too. As a homeowner, the last thing you need is to be worried about safety or feel like you have to micro-manage your contractor; this costs thousands in your time!

Now you have hired your contractor and you have a lot of information about the process, construction can start!

What type of concrete/materials are used?

You might not be aware but when it comes to concrete there is a lot of differences when it comes to strength and makeup of the concrete. When it comes to Canadian building code and underpinning basements, the minimum strength is 25 mpa. Mace Masonry always goes above and beyond the code requirement, using 32 mpa concrete. Therefore, we always use quality concrete and steel rebar throughout, even if not specified by an engineer. The steel rebar adds a great amount of strength and will ensure longevity.

It takes a lot of knowledge on buildings strengths, weaknesses and ground conditions to execute safely.

Mace Masonry has the experience required to bring your unlivable basement to place you can enjoy, or rent out for extra income!

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Structures from individual units laid in and bound together by mortar.

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