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Historical Restoration

Historical restoration is so diverse; it takes an extensive amount knowledge and understanding about the way buildings were built during the time frame of the particular property.

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Bricks come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. We are experts in matching bricks, however it’s useful to know they usually discontinue after 10 years. We offer services for brick repair, brick replacement and window/door resizing.

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We work with all kinds of stone; whether it’s for the front facade of your new house or your garden patio.

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Blocks are only made of concrete & usually for structural purposes, since the compressive strengths are greater.

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We only use the best suppliers and the highest of grades concrete for all our concrete projects. Our minimum strength is 32 MPa whether it’s an underpinning job or a basement slab.

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We’re Not Salesmen

You are assured that the estimate given to you is from a expert mason, and not a sales guy working for a commission. None of our masonry work is sub-contracted out.


Well Equipped

Whether its a window resize or a new dream home, we have all the tools and machinery to execute it safely and efficiently.



All our masons have extensive training and knowledge.


Price Point

All our rates are competitive while maintaining the highest quality workmanship. All estimates are agreed upon prior to work commencing.


We Have You Covered

All our work is guaranteed and we offer the best of warranties for your security and satisfaction.


Award Winning

We are very proud to be an award winning company in the masonry industry, and it reflects in all our work.


Client Satisfaction

We make sure that every customer is a 100% happy from beginning to end of every project; we communicate with our clients throughout ensuring timely responses & thorough updates on project timelines.

Window/Door Resize

When it comes to any masonry opening resizes, it is vital to ensure the dimensions are to the correct to the mm; too big & you end up with an ugly large caulking joint, and too small and well it won’t fit! read more.